Kylea Rikash

Kylea is a powerful combat mage and last descendant of a heroic family.


Early Life

Kylea’s father, Soldev, died in the Second Divine war, scarificing himself to protect his wife Kira and their unborn child. Kylea’s early years were spent at the Monastray of Light in New Candala. Here her mother gave her a basic understanding of the martial arts and Kylea had a simple childhood. She grew close to many of the younger children that lived around the town, and was a welcome guest at almost any table at dinner time.

The Mage Towers

As Kylea grew older, soon her latent magic began to erupt at unexpected moments. Her mother contacted the Towers of High Sorcery, and Kylea was taken to be trained in her sorcery. At the tower she met Steven Thane, the sorcerer that was appointed to train her, and Mister Boots, his naive grimalkin familiar.

Kylea’s training was bittersweet. She threw herself into it, loving the thrill of channeling the primal energies that controlled the world, but soon grew to despise the political mechniations of the Tower itself.

Kylea Rikash

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