Soldev Rikash

Soldev Rikash

Soldev Rikash was a half-elf ranger, who was a member of the Three, the group who faced Draconis during the end of the Second Divine War. In the final battle, Soldev was killed when Draconis rebuilt the Mithral Golem and sent it to destroy the the Three.


Early life

Born it the village of Candala, Soldev’s early life was that of a normal child. His father, Solvaris, was an elven lord, who had abdicated his position when he fell in love with Soldev’s mother, a human maiden named Susan. Solvaris and Susan moved to the village of Candala, which had been founded at the end of the First Divine War by Solvaris’ ancestor Thale Rikash when he too had taken a human wife. Candala had a reputation of being a peaceful place of tolerance and Solvaris wanted that for his family.

About a year after arriving in Candala, Soldev was born. His childhood was a happy one for many years. However, his happiness and innocence were both destroyed when he was ten years old. He was helping his father bring crops from their tiny farm to the trading post in the city of Rubien when they were accosted by a group of highwaymen. Solvaris fought them back back while Soldev hid in the wagon as his father had instructed. When his father returned to the wagon, he had been badly wounded. Despite this he led his son back to Candala, where he died soon after. Everyone else in the village thought this was a great tragedy and felt bad for the young Rikash, but Soldev blamed himself. He thought that he had been weak and that if he had not hidden, then he could have helped and saved his father. He became full of anger and rage, often picking fights with the other children. The only time he ever seemed at ease after that was in the company of the young elf maiden, Kira Shalar, who lived on a farm on the outskirts of Candala.

His mother began to worry that Soldev was on a path that would lead him into a very dark place. She sent world to her fallen husband’s brother, Traven Rikash, pleading with him for help. Traven had never been happy with his brother’s decision to leave his people, but he also felt that he owed his brother something, so sent word back that he would come and take the boy to Silverwoode, and train him as a Protector of the Glade, the elite warriors of the elven forests. Traven and Susan hoped that the training would help Soldev learn to control and channel his rage, but when his mother told him about the plan, he felt betrayed and abandoned by his mother. He ran out into the night, full of confusion.

The Burning of Candala

When Soldev ran into the night, he found his way to the Shalar farm. There he found Kira, who was dealing with her own fears of being stuck on the farm for her entire life. The two had a long talk and decided that they

The Deeds of Soldev Rikash

Soldev Rikash

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