The Cult of Dir'gazh

The Book
A strange tome has been found.

Father Jonas, High Priest of the Temple of Kainin in the small city of Rel’char made contact with the adventuring party of Shelby Rikash, Gimi Morr, and Healy in order to track down a party of clerics that were meant to arrive from Highgate several days ago. These clerics were transporting a recently discovered book which appears to predate both of the Divine Wars.

The group made their way along the expected path of the missing caravan, and soon fond the ruined remains of the clerics. Following the obvious signs of struggle, the group soon found a small “stronghold” of hobgoblins led by a brutish ogre. Overhearing a conversation between the hobgoblins, the group found that they had been hired by a “dark elf” to collect the book. The group attacked the hobgoblins and and ogre, slaughtering the gobliniods and recovering the book.

Returning to Rel’char, the group met with Father Jonas, relaying the information of the dark elf involvement in the plot to capture the book. Father Jonas paid and thanked the group and began to research the ancient tome that had been recovered.


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